Main home cleaning
What is included in the Main home cleaning?
  • All over the house
    We wipe all accessible surfaces, switches and door handles
    We wash windows, mirrors and glass surfaces (additional service)
    Wash furniture inside and out
    Dusting or wiping the walls
    fMoem chandeliers and lamps (additional service)
    We wash the floor, wipe the baseboards, vacuum the carpet
    Taking out the trash
  • In the kitchen
    We wash the entire kitchen apron and sink
    We wash the stove, oven and refrigerator (additional service)
    We wash kitchen furniture inside and out
    Wash dishes (5 sets for free)
  • What about things?
      Change bed linen and make bed
      Fold clothes neatly
      We arrange shoes
      We wash and iron things (additional service)
    • In the bathroom and toilet
      Washing and disinfecting the toilet
      Washing the bathroom/shower
      Wipe cabinets inside and out
      Wash walls and ceiling
      Removing mold (additional service)
    • Additional services
      Window cleaning
      Standard windows - 5-15 GEL
      Stained glass windows - 15-25 GEL
      Panoramic windows - 20-35 GEL

      Small chandelier (3 candles) - 20 GEL
      Medium chandelier (5-8 candles) - 35 GEL
      Chandelier large and non-standard (crystal, brass, copper) - 50-70 GEL
      Non-standard large mirror - 10 GEL
      Washing curtains (1 set) - 10 GEL
      Refrigerator washing - 20 GEL
      Oven - 20-40 GEL
      Stove - 10-20 GEL
      Hood - 20-40 GEL
      Microwave - 20-30 GEL
      Crockery (over 5 sets) - from 10 GEL
      Laundry and ironing (bedding set) - 10 GEL
      Washing other things (one load of the washing machine drum) - 10 GEL
      Mold removal - from 20 GEL
    Calculate the cost of the Main home cleaning
    Specify the number of square meters
    Enter the number of bedrooms
    Specify the number of toilets (bathrooms)
    Do you have panoramic windows? Measure the width of all windows and write down the total result.
    Specify the number of standard windows
    How many dressing rooms
    The cost of main home cleaning:
    When do you need cleaning?
    Your phone number (What's App)
    Your name
    The cost is not final. The final price is formed from the main selected service and additional services. Details can be obtained from the manager when placing an order.

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